Application Notes

How to acquire images in Cognex VisionPro QuickBuild with an IDS GigE Vision camera

This application note shows how to acquire images with an IDS GigE Vision camera and Cognex VisionPro QuickBuild.

Install Cognex VisionPro software

Please ensure that the Cognex GigE Vision Configurator and VisionPro QuickBuild are installed completely on your system.

You can find the download for the latest version of Cognex VisionPro software at the following link:

Please consider that this software is not for free. Therefore, a valid license is required to run the software after the trial period has expired. For more information on this topic please contact Cognex.

Camera configuration via Cognex GigE Vision Configurator

After installing the VisionPro Software launch the Cognex GigE Vision Configurator Tool to assign IP addresses to your network adapter and your GigE Vision camera.

A detailed users guide can be found under the following link:

Start VisionPro Quick Build

Run QuickBuild as admin

As far as the camera is configured correctly, you can open it in Cognex VisionPro QuickBuild in order to start the image acquisition.

Run the Cognex VisionPro QuickBuild as admin (right-click on the desktop icon and select "Run as administrator").

Open the IDS GigE Vision camera in VisionPro Quick Build

Select an image source

In Cognex VisionPro QuickBuild, select the image source by double clicking on the corresponding entry.

Connected IDS GigE Vision camera

Select the connected IDS GigE Vision camera as "Image Acquisition Device".

Click on the "Initialize Image Acquisition" button to set the camera properties and initialize the image acquisition.

Start the image acquisition

Acquire images

Return to the Job Editor and acquire image.