IDS’ largest:

ON Semiconductor sensors up to 18 MP

AR1820HS18.10 MP

Sensor properties ON Semiconductor AR1820HS

  • Very light-sensitive colour sensor thanks to modern pixel technology (Back Side Illuminated)
  • Extremely high resolution for detailed images: 4912 x 3684 (18 MP)
  • Sensor provides the most common image formats from 4K Cinema Resolution to VGA by the combination of binning, subsampling and scaler
  • Pixel size: 1.25 µm
  • Common and popular sensor size: 1/2" class
The rolling shutter CMOS colour sensor ON Semiconductor AR1820HS provides both the popular 4K Cinema resolution (4096 x 2304) with 38 fps and Full HD videos (1920 x 1080) with a great frame rate of 90 fps, e.g. for slow motion applications.
The ON Semiconductor AR1820HS is perfectly suited for high-resolution visualization e.g. in microscopy, for barcode reading or for medical applications like ophthalmology.
Please click on the picture and convince yourself of the high resolution!

Good linearity - suitable for measurement applications

LE: 0.44%
IDS industrial cameras with good linearity (EMVA 1288) for measurement applications

Good dynamic range - suited for outdoor applications

Dynamic: 55.1 dB/9.2 bit
IDS CMOS cameras with good dynamic range perfect for outdoor applications

Sensitive sensor for high-resolution applications

Sensitivity: 8.2 p
IDS industrial cameras with sensitive sensors for high-resolutions applications

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