IDS’ largest:

ON Semiconductor sensors up to 18 MP

MT9P0064.92 MP

Sensor properties ON Semiconductor MT9P006

  • Pixel size: 2.2 µm
  • High-resolution sensor: 2560 x 1920 (5 MP)
  • Common sensor size for C-mount lenses: 1/2"
  • Rolling and Global Start Shutter
  • Very low-noise, natural colours
  • Colour version
The 5 megapixel CMOS colour sensor ON Semiconductor MT9P006 delivers a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels as well as rolling and global start shutter features. The 1/2" sensor is extraordinarily light-sensitive and is a real megapixel CCD replacement, thanks to the innovative A-Pix™ Technology. The ON Semiconductor MT9P006 provides ideal parameters for every application to produce sharp, low-noise images.
A-Pix™ Technology
The A-Pix™ Technology features include lightguide and deep photodiode and 65 nanometer pixel design that advance pixel performance. The new, third generation A-Pix™ enhances quantum efficiency and minimizes crosstalk to capture sharp images with vibrant colours even in low-light conditions. Best-in-class image quality makes the new camera models ideal for demanding industrial inspection and machine vision environments.

Very light-sensitive - well suited for lowlight applications

Sensitivity: 5.8 p
IDS industrial cameras with sensitive sensors for lowlight applications (EMVA 1288)

High dynamic range - for scenes with high contrast

Dynamic: 60.2 dB/10 bit
IDS CMOS cameras with high dynamic range perfect for applications with high contrast

Minimal noise level - very well suited for microscopy

Dark Current Mean: 1.45 DN/s
IDS industrial cameras with minimal noise level (EMVA 1288)

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