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21 - 24 June 2022



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Exhibitor presentations

Precise and easy 3D object localisation

Object localisation is a key discipline for automating processes from part feeding to inspection tasks. The Ensenso PartFinder ensures fast and precise identification of the part position, even for difficult shapes and materials, by using 2D and 3D and texture data.

  • Speaker: Dr. Martin Hennemann, Product Manager 3D Imaging & SW Solutions
  • Date: Tuesday, 21st June 22, 10:30 am
  • Place: Vision Expert Huddles, VDMA Machine Vision Pavilion hall B5

XCITING NEW EASYNESS - AI-based automation without programming knowledge

AI-based image processing can support process automation in many areas. But the development of applications with edge devices and neural networks usually requires special expertise. We will show you how easy it is to find, count, inspect or perhaps sort out parts with IDS NXT and the appropriate entry-level helpers in the cloud, without having to know the syntax of a specific programming language.

  • Speaker: Dr. Martin Hennemann, Product Manager 3D Imaging & SW Solutions
  • Date: Tuesday, 21st June 22, 12:30 - 12:50 p.m.
  • Place: automatica Forum

Product overview

2D, 3D, AI - this is how diverse the new products from IDS are

Why is Ensenso S the perfect entry-level 3D camera? How can the IDS NXT vision system with artificial intelligence be seamlessly integrated into Industry 4.0 systems? And how does my application benefit from cameras with 10 GigE high-speed interface? The IDS team will explain what modern camera technology is capable of.

Detailed information

Many tasks in areas such as robotics and automation can only be successfully solved with 3D data. With the Ensenso cameras, IDS offers a solution for 3D image acquisition that impresses with precision as well as economy and speed. Whether with fully integrated housing, modular design or integrated data processing: the N, S, X and XR families offer solutions for a wide range of requirements. One of the challenges in processing 3D point clouds in numerous applications is the localisation of known CAD parts. With the new PartFinder function (add-on, licence required) in the EnsensoSDK, there is now a suitable solution that is optimally matched to the Ensenso camera series and integrated into the EnsensoSDK GUI tools.

The intelligent IDS NXT cameras can independently generate results and directly trigger follow-up processes - this simplifies and accelerates workflows and ensures a lower network load. With a REST (Representational State Transfer) web service and the OPC UA industrial protocol, they offer standardised, platform-independent interfaces that allow easy networking with other classes of devices without additional software or gateways. As autonomously operating vision sensors, IDS NXT cameras can be ideally used in the IoT (Internet of Things) as well as in the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to support manufacturing automation. The vision system provides you with all the necessary tools and workflows so that you can implement AI-based vision applications even without prior knowledge.

uEye stands for powerful, easy-to-use USB and GigE industrial cameras with a wide range of sensors and variants. The combination of quality "Made in Germany", long-term availability and exceptional user-friendliness makes the products unique. Users can choose, for example, between the camera families uEye FA (protection class IP65/67), uEye CP (only 29x29x29 mm in size), uEye SE (particularly versatile), uEye LE series (space-saving project camera), uEye XLE (cost-optimised and rich in variants) and uEye XCP (extremely small with housing and C-mount). In addition, there are models with autofocus and individually configurable board cameras. New in the course of 2022: uEye XC (13 MP autofocus camera, "industrial-grade webcam"), uEye Warp10 (extremely fast thanks to 10GigE interface).

"IDS as a one-stop shop"

Patrick Schick, Product Marketing Manager at IDS, summarises: "At IDS, interested parties get everything from a single source. We offer both 2D and 3D cameras as components for developing your own automation solutions, make it easy to create and execute your own AI machine vision solutions with the app-based embedded vision platform IDS NXT, and have created a one-stop shop for turnkey machine vision solutions with the visionpier online marketplace. When machine vision meets automation, groundbreaking synergies are created. Come and see for yourself at our booth B5.203."

— Patrick Schick, Product Marketing Manager at IDS —