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27 - 30 June 2023



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Automate more efficiently with cameras? We explain how it works.

The NXT level - A Guide to Camera-Based Automation

The lecture provides automation experts with insights into camera-based automation and machine vision. It covers different approaches to machine vision in automation workflows and provides a guide on when to use which. Participants will learn how machine vision can optimise automation workflows, even without being an expert in machine vision.

  • Speaker: Dr. Martin Hennemann
  • Date: 27th June 2023, 2 p.m. (CEST)
  • Venue: automatica Forum

Product overview

2D, 3D, AI - this is how diverse the new products from IDS are

Cameras can optimise processes, increase productivity and reduce operating costs at the same time. With our comprehensive, optimally coordinated range of hardware and software, we enable users to get the right solution for their task quickly and independently. Find out here which products you should particularly keep an eye on at automatica:

Detailed information

Intelligent image processing: "on the edge" or PC-based, just as required

IDS offers users three ways to take advantage of machine learning. Those who want to use AI "on the edge", i.e. directly on a camera, should take a look at the IDS NXT all-in-one system. The product line will be expanded from summer onwards with the IDS NXT malibu model series. The camera shortens inference times by up to twenty times. In addition, it can process data hardware-accelerated for the transmission of a video stream (H264 or MJPG) - this enables AI-based image evaluations in the live image.

With DENKnet, customers can now also use a PC-based, extremely powerful NoCode solution for AI-based image evaluation. The training of a neural network can be started from as few as 15 images thanks to "Few Shot & Fast Track" technology. All common AI technologies, from classification to anomaly detection, are available. Alternatively, anyone who uses standard industrial cameras from IDS can now also use AI Vision with IDS peak AI. The release of IDS peak 2.4 makes it possible to run inference on a host PC and test different use cases and load custom networks into IDS peak.

2D cameras: from super-fast and high-resolution to super-small and cost-effective

The perfect choice when it comes to speed and resolution without compromise: at automatica, IDS is presenting the new uEye Warp10 industrial cameras with 10GigE interface, TFL mount and sensors up to an outstanding 45 MP. They are especially powerful when high-speed processes need to be captured and evaluated in all details and without motion blur.

In addition, we will gladly show you the smallest board-level cameras in the IDS portfolio: with uEye XLS, we recently launched a new camera family in the low-price segment. Measuring just 29 x 29 x 7 mm, the USB3 cameras have a Micro-B connector and are available with or without a C/CS or S-mount lens holder. Other advantages include low power consumption and minimal heat generation. This makes them an excellent choice for kiosk systems, document scanning or other embedded applications.

Ensenso 3D cameras: 3D point clouds and more for robot vision

The demand for 3D vision-based solutions is growing steadily, because many applications can only be reliably solved with 3D information. Likewise, there is a lot of dynamism on the supplier side: IDS is introducing another member of the Ensenso 3D camera product line at automatica. The new Ensenso C delivers both 3D and RGB colour information. Customers thus benefit from even more informative image data. The camera offers a resolution of 5 MP and will initially be available with a baseline of approx. 240 mm and a little later with approx. 455 mm. This means that even large objects can be reliably captured.

The localisation and recognition of parts on the basis of CAD data and 3D point clouds helps robots, for example, to grip objects in the correct position in bin-picking applications. With the new PartFinder function (add-on, licence required) in EnsensoSDK, there is now a suitable solution that is optimally matched to the Ensenso camera series and integrated into the EnsensoSDK GUI tools.

visionpier: ready-made solutions for a wide range of applications

For all those who do not have the confidence to implement image processing applications themselves or who, for reasons of time or know-how, would like to make use of turnkey solutions, we will also be presenting visionpier, our marketplace for image processing solutions, at the trade fair. By asking various questions, a new configurator will guide you through the range of products and services on offer. Feel free to click through already, or take the opportunity to do so at automatica!

"AI is not only being used more and more as a matter of course in everyday life, but also in robotics and automation. At automatica, we are presenting new technology approaches for AI vision - and much more. From a new 3D camera to ultra-fast and extremely high-resolution 2D cameras, we have many innovations lined up. The motto is "Machine Vision made simple" - come and see for yourself at booth B5.203."

— Patrick Schick, Product Marketing Manager at IDS —