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Robotic - USB 2 uEye SE

Eyes@Work - Intelligent Robot Vision System with ultra compact USB camera

Modern robots have to recognize, distinguish and track objects, and derive the appropriate decisions from the data they gather. In the Eyes@Work robot vision system from AES motomation, an ultra compact, high-resolution USB machine vision camera from IDS acts as a high-tech eye and supplies the required image information to a powerful software.

Print - USB 2 uEye SE

Excellent precision before printing - USB machine vision cameras ensure perfect print products

Printing plates are prepared for positioning in the printing press by so-called register punches and bending machines. The worldwide largest supplier of this type of machinery, NELA Brüder Neumeister GmbH in Lahr, Germany, in future will employ state-of the-art industrial image processing technology with USB 2.0 machine vision cameras from IDS.

Materials Analysis - USB 2 uEye SE

A Brilliant Solution - Defect Detection in reflective surfaces with USB industrial cameras

The VisionFlex image processing system uses a new process which now allows inspecting the quality of high-gloss and reflective surfaces with modern machine vision components. A high-resolution industrial camera with USB 2.0 interface plays an important part in this context.

Documentation - USB 2 uEye SE

Affordable custom shoes instead of blister plasters - Foot scanner measures feet in seconds

Approximately 150 different steps are required to craft a custom made shoe. A separate last must be formed for each shoe, for which the shoemaker takes measurements in 35 places. This elaborate procedure can now be handled by a foot scanner that not only speeds up the manufacturing process, but also makes it less expensive.

Food/Beverage - USB 2 uEye SE

What's Cooking? Interactive Inspiration for 'Chefs de la cuisine' - The kitchen table of the future

The visions that researchers are embracing for the fully automated home of the future actually run somewhere along these lines. The proactive kitchen table, the "Recipe Table", once and for all solves the problem that invariably crops up each and every day: "what am I going to cook today?". To accomplish this feat, it uses the possibilities of modern industrial image processing and the ultra-compact design of a USB 2.0 camera.