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Automation - Ensenso N

Exact trimming of foam parts with Ensenso 3D camera

The final touch

For companies in the automotive industry, quality management and process management are of great importance. The conditions placed on original equipment manufacturers and suppliers are immense in order to ensure high quality and continuous improvement, waste reduction and error minimization. Particular attention is also paid to the interior of a passenger car, as it contributes greatly to the "feel-good atmosphere" for the driver. To ensure perfect seating comfort in the vehicle, manufacturers place correspondingly high demands on the foams to be processed: they must be adaptable and flexible, resistant and durable, but also have a good feel and appearance. But high quality standards must always go hand in hand with economic efficiency.

Automation - Ensenso N35

Bin-Picking application with Ensenso 3D camera boosts productivity

Recognised. Picked. Packed.

Short cycle times, little scrap, minimal stock-keeping - the factory of the future is networked and highly economical. An important component here is industrial image processing. A specialist in this field is Pose Automation GmbH based in Germany. This system integrator develops high-tech systems for machine vision and robotics. One example is a bin picking application for gripping catheters for veterinary medicine, equipped with an Ensenso 3D camera from IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH.

Automation - Ensenso N35

Efficient inline component inspection for the manufacturing industry with Ensenso N35

3D precision in line

Quality assurance plays a very important role in manufacturing companies. It is an important instrument for creating efficiency and transparency. In the factory of the future, an ever-increasing amount of measurement data will be generated for this purpose. Complex correlations can thus be recognized more and more quickly, valuable quality data can be obtained and processed in order, for example, to avoid errors in the future. With the development in Factory 4.0, however, the demands placed on quality standards in the manufacturing industry are also growing.

Robotic - uEye LE

Inspection robots – with USB uEye LE

In the service of safety

Rough and inhospitable, extremely hot or cold, fire or explosion hazard. Robots for routine and ad-hoc safety checks in unmanned systems are used wherever people are reluctant to be present. ExRobotics B.V., based in Halsteren, The Netherlands, is a leading expert in this field. Their products replace the sight, hearing, smell, touch and hands of their users. The Dutch manufacturer relies on image processing with industrial cameras from IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH.

Documentation - USB 3 uEye CP

Research on wave dynamics  – with USB3 uEye CP

An application that makes waves

Waves play a central role in coastal formation. The creation of waves and their movement are therefore central factors in coastal morphology. LEGI is dedicated to this topic: scientists from the institute in Grenoble (FR) study wave dynamics, especially in flat environments, in order to gain detailed knowledge about the energy exchange between waves.The aim is to develop a wave meteorology whose effects are not only of immediate importance for shipping, but in the longer term should even serve to simulate the effects of climate change.

In use: a multi-camera application with eight synchronized USB 3 UI-3060CP Rev. 2 cameras.