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Embedded Vision - USB 3 uEye LE

Embedded vision solution with USB 3.0 board-level camera

The flying eye

Besides 3D and robot vision, embedded vision is one of the latest hot topics in machine vision. This is because without real-time machine vision, there would be no such thing as autonomous transport systems and robots in the Industry 4.0 environment, self-driving cars, or unmanned drones. Classic machine vision systems, however, do not enter the equation due to space or cost limitations, while the functionality of so-called smart cameras is usually very limited. Only by combining a miniaturized camera, a compact processor board, and flexibly programmable software can tailor-made machine vision applications be developed and embedded directly in machines or vehicles.

Elektronik - USB 3 uEye CP

First article inspection (FAI) by Norcott Ltd (UK) with USB 3.0 industrial camera

Right first time for PCB assembly

Getting the correct components in the right place is crucial for SMT PCB assembly and the latest IDS USB 3.0 camera technology is being used by contract PCB assembler, Norcott Technologies, to help automate the PCB inspection process. High resolution, high frame rates, a versatile software interface and future proof connectivity through USB3 were all reasons why Norcott chose USB3 cameras from IDS for its new, custom-built First Article Inspection systems.

Electronics - USB 2 uEye LE

Space-saving and cost-effective camera solution for apparatus engineering

Focus on the essentials

Engineers and OEM customers who use industrial cameras in their systems mostly select boardlevel solutions as these solutions are cost-effective, space-saving, and they focus on key features. The very compact design of the single-board cameras of IDS’ uEye LE series, measuring only 36 x 36 mm, plays an important role because space is often limited in devices or embedded systems. The French manufacturer Kloé uses them in their mask writers, which are designed as desktop systems, providing fast and accurate alignment of photomasks.

Measurement Engineering - USB 3 uEye CP

On the trail of the drop shape

Industrial cameras with USB 3.0 interface are on the rise. The interface creates a bridge to the latest CMOS high-performance sensors, eliminating previous bottlenecks. This opens up new possibilities for numerous vision applications, particularly those requiring high resolution, rapid frame rates, and maximum light sensitivity. These are key features for the measuring instrument manufacturer KRÜSS.

Sports - USB 3 uEye LE

The perfect fit

In competitive sports or in rehabilitation nuances can determine success or failure. Thus the optimal harmonisation between man and training device is a very import aspect. The GeBioM mbH Münster has embraced this issue under its gebioMized brand - especially for the cycling sports sector.