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Measurement Engineering - USB 2 uEye LE

Watch your plants grow

The light section method is a widely used method in 3D measuring technology. This method is very precise, insensitive to external light, and also suitable for mobile solutions. The company Phenospex has now developed a 3D scanner based on this method, which offers fully automated measurement of plant height and volume. This technology can be used, for example, to assist research in the area of plant breeding, or to help make industrial plant production more efficient.

Pharmacy - Ensenso N10

Pick and place with 3D camera

The automation of pick and place application is a key skill for 3D imaging. The fast and reliable detection of parts is the basis to solve handling processes by robots. The Munich-based company Magazino integrates Ensenso N10 stereo 3D cameras in picking systems for pharmacies, to get chaotically-lying healthcare packaging out of the box and store it automatically.

Measurement Engineering - Ensenso N20

Wood measuring with Ensenso 3D cameras

By using 3D cameras to measure the physical properties of trees, the forester or sawmill can now easily recognize whether a 150-year old oak can be processed into commercially valuable, solid floor boards. This new process significantly reduces personnel costs and optimized the efficiency of processing wood products.

Materials Analysis - GigE uEye RE

IDS’ industrial cameras on the high seas

IDS cameras support sustainability: With the continuous overfishing of nature’s fishing grounds, many fish species have become endangered. For this reason, the fishing industry is searching for solutions to ensure an environmentally responsible approach to optimize their yields, and minimize waste.

Measurement Engineering - USB 2 uEye LE

IDS cameras ensure suitable clothing

Amy does what many women are fond of doing: She likes to go shopping, but rarely finds clothes that really suit her and fit her well. This problem has recently been solved by a "3D body scanner", designed by Japanese 3D experts Spacevision, which uses IDS cameras.