High resolution meets speed:

sensors by CMOSIS

CMV20002.23 MP

Sensor properties CMOSIS CMV2000

  • Full HD sensor providing very high speed
  • Full resolution: 2048 x 1088 (2.2 MP)
  • Light-sensitive, large pixel: 5.5 µm
  • Large area sensor: 2/3"
  • Detailed up to 12-bit resolution
  • Same speed in both trigger and freerun mode
  • HDR mode: capturing outdoor images with a very high dynamic range
  • 8x multi AOI: focusing on important image parts allows high speed
  • Available as monochrome, colour and NIR version
The highly sensitive, fast 2.2 megapixel CMOS sensor CMOSIS CMV2000 offers a variety of innovative and useful sensor features, e.g. multi AOI feature with up to 8 AOI for the simultaneous inspection of various characteristics. Using triggered linescan mode, the sensor provides up to 8 kHz - perfect for continuous web inspection.
Combined with our USB 3.0 cameras, the CMOSIS CMV2000 reaches 153 fps at full resolution. In our GigE cameras, the sensor reaches 36 fps at full resolution.

Very good efficiency

QE @ 530 nm: 55%
IDS CMOS cameras with very good quantum efficiency

Low-noise images for lowlight applications

SNRmax: 39.2 dB
IDS CMOS cameras for lowlight applications

Excellent linearity - for measurement applications

LE: 0.33 %
IDS CMOS cameras with excellent linearity for measurement applications

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