Special price promotion IDS NXT ocean CREATIVE KIT

Please choose whether you want to receive a written offer from IDS or a distribution partner or if you want to place an order directly. If you order directly, we will send you an order confirmation/invoice after checking the conditions* by our sales team.

Conditions of the special price promotion

The special price is

  • excluding taxes, customs duties and transport costs.

  • only valid until 31.10.2021.

  • only valid for B2B customers in the countries listed in the form in Europe as well as in the USA and Canada.

A maximum of one IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit can be ordered per company at the special price.

No sales are made to private customers, to companies outside the business sector or to other companies/organizations that do not comply with our company policy. A contract of sale shall only come into existence

a) after sending a written offer by IDS or a distribution partner and written confirmation of the offer by the B2B customer.

b) after review and written order confirmation by IDS or a distribution partner.

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