Falcon/Eagle - Drivers and Software

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Falcon/Eagle - Drivers for Windows 64-bit

IDS offers two different Windows drivers for the FALCON/EAGLE frame grabbers:

Software package for FALCON and EAGLE frame grabber version 4.61.02

Use the software package if you want to develop an application without DirectShow® or if you use an application which was designed for FALCON/EAGLE without DirectShow® (for example an application which was implemented for special customer requirements).

Note: For multiple board operation we recommend to use the software package for FALCON/EAGLE frame grabber (SDK).

FALCON and EAGLE DirectShow® (WDM) driver version

Use the DirectShow® driver if you want to develop a program with DirectShow® or if you use a program with DirectShow® (for example a program which can be used with different video sources).

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System requirements: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8/8.1 / Windows 10
The modifications are listed in the ReadMe file.

The driver for Windows 64-bit includes in one setup both the SDK 4.61.01 and DirectShow® (WDM) In the setup, you will be asked which driver should be installed.