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EV76C5701.92 MP

Sensor properties e2v EV76C570

  • Wide-angle 1/1.8" sensor
  • Pixel size: 4.5 µm
  • High resolution: 1600 x 1200 (2 MP)
  • Switch between rolling shutter and global shutter
  • Multi AOI
  • Sequence AOI
  • Log Mode
  • Long exposure up to 10 seconds
The 2 megapixel CMOS sensor e2v EV76C570 is one of the most sensitive sensors in the IDS product portfolio. It has one of the most sensitive sensors in the IDS product portfolio and it is available in monochrome and color versions. Besides its outstanding sensitivity to light in CCD quality, the camera also has a range of other distinctive features: The e2v EV76C570 allows you to switch between various shutter modes, which allow you to capture sharp images of moving objects or extremely low-noise, high-contrast images. There are also up to four areas of interest (AOI). You can use these either to check several features simultaneously or to capture AOIs in a sequence of exposures using a wide range of different parameters.
In combination with USB 2.0 cameras: 17 fps at full resolution
In combination with USB 3.0 cameras: 60 fps at full resolution
In combination with GigE cameras: 35 fps at full resolution
Switch between rolling shutter und global shutter
Switching between shutter modes whilst the camera is in operation offers maximum flexibility if requirements or conditions change, and it even expands the sensor’s range of applications.
Multi AOI
The sensor allows up to four AOIs to be captured simultaneously at high speed. This feature is perfect to capture multiple characteristics at high frames rates, e. g. in inspection applications.
Sequence AOI
Different regions of interest can be captured successively with pre-defined parameters, including position, exposure time, gain and readout. The resulting image sequences can be summarized into one ideal image.
Log mode
The sensor allows capturing highly dynamic scenes at best image quality, even in global shutter mode at short exposure. The Log mode parameters can easily be adjusted to get the best setting according to the requirements of various situations. Hence, the sensor is the perfect replacement for costly HDR sensor solutions.
Efficient shutter mode
It’s easy to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio for distortion-free images or in critical lighting situations which leads to low-noise images. This guarantees an ideal quantum efficiency and hence excellent image quality.

Good linearity - suitable for measurement applications

LE: 0.22%
IDS industrial cameras with good linearity (EMVA 1288) for measurement applications

Low dark noise - good possibilities for long exposure

Dark Current Mean: 6.38 DN/s
IDS industrial cameras with low dark noise (EMVA 1288) for long exposure

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