Ensenso 3D cameras

for 3D vision and robot vision

Quick, easy, precise, coloured

3D machine vision is the future for robot vision. Many applications in robotics and automated serial production can only be satisfactorily implemented using three-dimensional data. This applies equally to challenging assembly processes such as bonding and welding, and to the notoriously tricky process of bin picking. The Ensenso 3D cameras from IDS represents a solution for 3D image capture that is impressively precise, cost-efficient and fast.

Ensenso N, C, X and XR cameras work according to the stereo vision principle. Supported by a powerful projector, high-contrast textures are projected onto the object to be imaged, creating even more detailed 3D point clouds even at long distances.

The Ensenso S series uses an alternative 3D method with structured laser light, which enables a cost-efficient and more compact camera design. This allows the advantages of three-dimensional object information to finally be used in price-sensitive, high-volume projects, where the highest accuracy of Ensenso Stereo Vision models is often not required.

2D colour information from an RGB sensor (C series) provides 3D point clouds with coloured texture and realistic 3D visualisations. In addition, the colour data enables further processing steps in subsequent tasks, such as the differentiation or sorting of coloured objects.

Ensenso Selector

You can now use the Ensenso camera selector to help you choose components. Simply enter your parameters in the online configuration tool and it will list the best possible combinations for your application.