We make AI Vision easy!

Using an intelligent camera has never been so easy

The all-in-one package IDS NXT ocean provides you with everything you need to create your own inference camera. Focus on your application. It has thus the ability to apply "knowledge" acquired through deep learning to new data. Don't think about how to design or program your image analysis. With IDS NXT ocean, deep learning is easy to use. Work intuitively with images and load individual neural networks directly onto your IDS NXT industrial camera. AI is ready for your image processing application in no time.

Simple workflow

It takes only a few steps from the image acquisition and handling of the training of the AI to the finished working inference camera. All components of IDS NXT ocean work together optimally and are provided as a one-stop solution. This makes it particularly easy and convenient for you as a user.


Create training images and upload them to IDS NXT lighthouse


Assign labels (e.g. "good" / "bad") so that the AI can learn from your knowledge


Next, start the fully automatic training of your neural network

Run AI

Execute the trained neural network in your camera and start your application!

IDS NXT rome with deep ocean core
Cloud-basierte Trainingssoftware IDS NXT lighthouse
IDS NXT ocean Design in Kit

Get started right away!
With the complete AI package

With the IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit you get everything you need to set up an inference camera for your application.

  • IDS NXT rio camera with 1.6 MP Sony colour sensor
  • Gigabit Ethernet cable
  • Camera power supply with necessary adapters
  • Camera tripod adapter
  • High quality 16mm IDS lens
  • 6-month license for the use of IDS NXT lighthouse

Order your IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit today and discover how easy AI can be.

How to create your own IDS NXT Vision Apps with the block-based editor

To give you a better understanding of how to create a custom image processing application with the block-based editor, we have explained the basic features of the combinable blocks in short videos.

How to grab images for the IDS NXT ocean AI workflow

In step 1 of our IDS NXT ocean tutorial series you will get a short overview of our AI inference camera solution with its components and you will become familiar with the workflow with 4 simple steps. The setup of a training dataset and how to capture camera images for this purpose will then also be demonstrated in this first part.

How to label the data in IDS NXT lighthouse

In step 2 of our IDS NXT ocean tutorial series, we will familiarize you with our cloud-based training software IDS NXT lighthouse and show you how to upload and label your captured training images.

How to train CNNs for classification and object detection

In step 3 of our IDS NXT ocean tutorial series, you learn to deal with projects, managing datasets and controlling the training process in IDS NXT lighthouse. We show the most important setting options to adjust the CNN training and how you can check the achieved accuracy and speed of the trained CNNs.

How to deploy and run CNNs on IDS NXT cameras

In last step 4 of our IDS NXT ocean tutorial series you will learn how ready-trained CNNs are deployed and executed in an IDS NXT camera within vision apps.

Introducing IDS NXT ocean 2.0

Milestone for AI-based image processing: A free update for the IDS NXT camera platform adds object detection to the system's AI capabilities, offers turnkey solutions with Vision Apps and gives developers more design options with the "IDS NXT Vision App Creator" SDK. In the video, we explain the new functions, introduce use cases for object detection and classification and position the solution in the competitive environment.

IDS NXT 2.6 - App your camera!

This software release focuses on simplifying the creation of apps. Starting a development project is often one of the biggest challenges in realising a project. With the help of the new Use Case Assistant in IDS NXT lighthouse, you can configure a complete vision app under guidance in just a few steps, which you can then run directly on an IDS NXT camera. Another new feature is the Block-based Editor, which allows you to develop your own programme sequences with AI image processing functions such as object recognition or classification without any programming knowledge.

Use Case Assistant

In the Use Case Assistant, you select the use case that suits your project. With queries and tips, the wizard guides you through the process of creating the Vision App project and creates the programme code, just like in an interview. In the process, it links existing training projects with the Vision App project or creates new training projects and data sets in IDS NXT lighthouse if required.

Block-based Editor

With the modular blocks and the intuitive user interface, anyone can realise their own projects using AI-based image processing (such as object detection or classification) in the form of an individual Vision App without having to know the syntax of a specific programming language. In this case, you create the Vision App project yourself and use the predefined blocks of the code editor to build your Vision App graphically yourself, including processes such as loops and conditional statements.

Confusion Matrix

In the "Training Sessions" area of the "Training" tab of IDS NXT lighthouse, you can display a confusion matrix for classification networks that you have trained from version 2.6. The confusion matrix is suitable for assessing the performance of your classification network and shows how the test or validation data is classified compared to the assigned labels.

Multi-camera support in IDS NXT cockpit

You can now monitor camera status, images and results for multiple cameras on one screen, and keep up to date with your applications. In addition, the configuration including login can be saved for quick access.

IDS NXT Tutorials

Make your own picture!

On our YouTube channel you will find many helpful videos about the possibilities and features of the IDS NXT AI complete package - from deep learning basics to the implementation of AI applications such as object detection and the integration of IDS NXT into factory automation. Our video offer is continuously being expanded. Follow the channel so that you will be the first to know about new videos in the future!