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IDS NXT rio & rome

Intelligent cameras in the housing of standard industrial cameras


Like IDS NXT vegas, these two IDS NXT camera families are characterized by their highly flexible application spectrum. They are fully-fledged standard industrial cameras whose range of functions can be extended and modified by users as required thanks to vision apps. Due to their powerful hardware and software, they can also be used as embedded solutions – in this case, image processing is partially or completely performed on the cameras ("on the edge"). This reduces bandwidth and computing load.

Thanks to the app-based principle, these cameras are as versatile as smartphones. With vision apps, users can quickly and flexibly determine which image processing task should be performed – e.g. reading codes, characters or license plates, recognizing faces, anomalies or scratches in surfaces or finding, measuring, counting or identifying objects. Recurring vision tasks can be set up and changed quickly. Tailor-made solutions can also be implemented very easily using the app development kit. Users can create their own individual vision apps in just a few steps and install and execute them on IDS NXT cameras. Depending on the app, the camera delivers results or signals directly to machine controls or supports PC-based applications with pre-processed data.

inVISION TOP Innovation Award 2019

Even neural networks can be executed directly on the camera using the integrated ANN accelerator. The FPGA-based AI acceleration enables inference times of a few milliseconds. The reprogrammability of the integrated ANN accelerator provides additional advantages in terms of sustainability, low recurring costs and time-to-market. The user can freely choose whether the artificial intelligence should be executed classically on a PC, in the cloud or on an embedded vision camera, which thus not only provides image data but also directly evaluates it. In this case, image analyses take place in a decentralized manner, thus avoiding bandwidth bottlenecks during transmission. With the spread and networking of such "cyberphysical components", direct process data becomes available according to the principle of the "Internet of things" (IoT), which sustainably advances the automation and processing speed of industrial manufacturing processes.

A "Smart GenICam" offers further advantages: Thanks to it, even camera functions programmed by the user himself can be accessed and executed GenICam-compliant by third-party applications. Nevertheless, the devices remain fully-fledged standard-compliant industrial cameras that can transmit image data at full Gigabit Ethernet speed.

IDS NXT industrial cameras communicate directly with a PLC or other machine controls. They are optionally equipped with various CMOS sensors from 1.3 MP to 5 MP. More sensors will follow this summer.

From May 2019 IDS NXT rio and rome will be available as design-in samples. The design-in samples has a limited range of functions. Customers can choose between different types of protection, sensors and variants with Smart GenICam or artificial intelligence. Our sales team will be happy to help you choose the right camera variant.

Further characteristics:

  • Wide range of CMOS sensors
  • Free choice of optics by C-mount
  • Dual Core CPU for onboard processing 1.3 GHz
  • Flexible CPU support through FPGA technology
  • Protection class IP30 (IDS NXT rio)
  • Protection class IP65/67 (IDS NXT rome)
IDS NXT rio & rome

Further characteristics:

  • GigE network connection
  • Serial RS232 interface
  • REST Web Interface
  • PoE and external power supply DC 12-24 V
  • RJ45 GigE connector (IDS NXT rio)
  • M12 round plug connector (IDS NXT rome)
IDS NXT rio & rome - back view