Redefining industrial cameras

The NXT big thing.

With IDS NXT we have created a compact embedded vision platform for industrial applications. The philosophy behind this marks a paradigm shift: Our goal is no longer to simply develop pure image providers in the form of industrial cameras, but to offer easy-to-use yet flexible systems that can be used to implement all steps of a vision solution, from image acquisition, image analysis and processing to the control of industrial production machines.

By performing image processing tasks directly at the image source, IDS NXT cameras can autonomously generate results independent of a PC to directly trigger subsequent processes - this simplifies and accelerates workflows, ensures a lower network load and reduces energy consumption. With a REST (Representational State Transfer) web service and the OPC UA industrial protocol, they offer standardized, platform-independent interfaces that allow easy networking with other device classes without additional software or gateways. As autonomously operating vision sensors, IDS NXT cameras can therefore be ideally used in IoT (Internet of Things) as well as IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to support factory automation.

The IDS NXT platform is constantly evolving. Through software updates, we continuously supplement the capabilities of the embedded vision platform and the all-in-one inference camera package IDS NXT ocean.

"We expand the software, you expand your possibilities"

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