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IDS Vision Channel

our knowledge for you

Live-Sessions and Networking

"Knowledge increases when it is shared" - according to this maxim, we make the expertise of IDS, as one of the leading manufacturers of digital industrial cameras, free of charge and directly accessible. The #IDSVisionChannel offers regular online events, convenient tools such as a calendar and live chats, as well as a media library with recordings of past sessions and additional, exclusive content.

The speakers are from a wide range of disciplines at IDS. In addition, depending on the topic, we invite guests - such as IDS Solution Partners or start-ups. The experts are available to answer your individual questions during and after the online sessions.

We offer each event at least twice so that you can be there live with us from any time zone. You can get an overview of all upcoming events in the IDS Vision Channel calendar. Would you like to suggest a topic that is not listed yet? Just let us know, we look forward to your feedback!


  • All upcoming online events at a glance including filter options
  • Access to event information such as content, speaker, experience level
  • Book and manage sessions with one click


  • From Product Management to R&D to Executive Management
  • IDS experts are available for questions during and after the sessions
  • Digital, personal exchange via (video) chat


  • All sessions also available as recordings after the live events
  • Displays your booked events and playlists on key topics
  • Additional, exclusive content to deepen your knowledge


  • Meeting place for the international machine vision community
  • Discussions in small groups at virtual tables
  • Direct access to IDS experts

Upcoming Online Events

Look forward to topics such as the following

Unlimit3d Vision with Ensenso 3D Cameras

Many applications in machine vision and robot vision for handling, production, logistics, and inspection can only be realized using 3D imaging. This session presents an overview of technology, key features and advantages, as well as major application areas of the Ensenso products.

Speaker: Dr. Martin Hennemann, Product Manager 3D Imaging & SW Solutions

CNN Acceleration for Edge Based AI Inference

Smartphones, robots, drones, cameras, security cameras - all these devices will soon need some sort of AI processing. if the inference is to take place directly on the imaging device, things are becoming interesting. This talk will discuss hardware options and how they differ drom each other.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Rastislav Struharik, AI Specialist

Which cameras to choose for price-sensitive projects?

If projects are driven by volume and camera costs are especially sensitive, it’s not always easy to find a good fit. Often, the number of necessary features is much smaller than the range that high-end cameras support. Join this session and collect suggestions how to get a perfect matching industrial camera without blasting your budget.

Speaker: Jürgen Hejna, Product Manager uEye Cameras

How To: Smart Picking with AI and 3D Vision

If a robot is to pass on or deposit objects of different size, shape or quality, it must not only be able to grip them, but also identify and analyse them beforehand. This requires a certain level of intelligence. Learn how to solve this challenge with IDS products.

Speaker: Patrick Schick, Product Marketing Manager

OPC UA takes AI to the field level

Machine vision systems are becoming increasingly precise and work more intelligently. But how can their capabilities be integrated into industrial applications? Learn how easily your application know-how can be deployed in factory automation via the OPC UA server in IDS NXT embedded vision systems - with minimal effort and without additional hardware.

Speaker: Rob Webb, Product Sales Specialist

IDS Vision Channel

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