iGuard Support

Until December 31st, 2014 IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH was sole and exclusive right holder for the Videomanagement software iGuard.
For strategic reasons IDS decided to discontinue the development of the software iGuard. Beginning of 2013, customers and licensed users were officially informed through an official discontinuation letter; early 2014 the software development was stopped, support was stopped by December 31st, 2014.
In February 2015 all rights of use and exploitation passed to the company Reif GmbH, Germany. Since then, the company Reif GmbH answers for the development, support and licensed customer care on its own behalf and on its own account. Open contractual obligations arising from warranty issues will be taken over by Reif. Follow-up business with IDS direct customers will be operated further on by Reif on its own behalf and on its own account.