Operating a colour sensor as a mono sensor

How to get more resolution from the ON Semiconductor 18 MP colour sensor

Operating a colour sensor as a mono sensor
The 18 Megapixel sensor AR1820HS in our UI-3590 camera models has been released by ON Semiconductor as a pure colour sensor.
As with all colour sensors, the Bayer filter therefore effectively provides you with colour images "only" with about a quarter of the nominal sensor resolution, since the colour information of one pixel is obtained from four neighbors. However, it is not enough to operate the sensor in data RAW format (without Bayer interpolation) to use each individual pixel. The Bayer matrix provides a different perception of the brightness of the individual pixels.
We will show you how to use the colour sensor as a "pure" mono sensor to obtain a significantly higher resolution: by using appropriate parameterisation and suitable light sources.

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