Advance announcement: IMX174 2.3 MP sensor

IDS cameras feature pioneering sensor innovation from Sony

IDS USB 3 Kamera mit Sony 2.3 MP Sensor IMX174

We have been eagerly monitoring our development team as they have been incorporating the new Sony IMX174 CMOS sensor in our USB 3.0 uEye camera models. As is usual with IDS, our developers provide all the sensor features through the IDS Software Suite: Adjustable pixel rate, adjustable black level, multi-AOI, long exposure, line scan mode, and many more. This guarantees that our uEye cameras can be easily adapted to a huge range of customer applications.

The revolutionary 2.3 megapixel sensor from Sony offers performance previously never achieved by CMOS sensors in terms of light sensitivity, dynamic range, pattern noise, and delivers perfect color reproduction. The light collected by the photo diode is stored and screened from sources of noise. This guarantees extremely high light sensitivity. Paired with the extremely high image transmission rates of over 160 fps, the sensor is suitable for very low light applications and those in which rapidly moving objects with sharp edges have to be captured.

The IMX174 provides unrestricted CCD quality at CMOS prices. And all from the market leader for CCD sensors. The Sony IMX174 will be available as a monochrome and color version as standard in our IDS USB 3 uEye models in the middle of the fourth quarter 2014. We will keep you updated.

Features of the Sony IMX174:

  • 2.3 megapixel CMOS sensor (1936 x 1216 pixels, 1/1.2" format)
  • Global shutter
  • 1080p full HD mode
  • Dynamic range 73 dB (12 bit)
  • Quantum efficiency > 75%
  • No ambient noise due to innovative analog-to-digital noise suppression technology
  • Extremely low readout noise 6e-
  • Distortion-free images without smear effect

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