As of now: 3 years warranty for IDS cameras

Extended IDS warranty period

3 years warranty for IDS cameras
We thank you, our customers and partners, for your regular participation in the IDS customer satisfaction analysis. We are very pleased with the evaluation of the latest results. It shows that you really appreciate the combination of high quality "Made in Germany" products, long-term availability and particularly easy handling.
As a token of our gratitude for your recognition and trust, and of course out of our own conviction, we are increasing the warranty for IDS cameras to 3 years from January 1. This applies to all uEye as well as IDS NXT models and retroactively to all cameras delivered in the last three years.
After all, we develop and produce all our products with the goal of offering you, our customers, the best user experience in the vision market. We do this as sustainably as possible - in every respect.

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