Ideal for motion analysis, ITS and ANPR applications:

Motion blur compensation is easy using IDS Software Suite Version 4.40!

You can now download the latest version of IDS Software Suite. Version 4.40 for Windows (WHQL certified) and Linux does not only supports the extended USB 3.0 camera portfolio with over 40 models, but also provides innovative features for IDS cameras with e2v sensors.

The USB 3 uEye CP with the 2 megapixel e2v sensor now features something entirely new: Its multi integration mode allows multiple exposures to be made on just one image. This mode is therefore ideal for reducing motion blur and visualizing speed. It is particularly suitable for use in ITS for automatic number plate recognition as well as in the sports and medical fields.

The new long exposure feature ensures excellent image quality in extreme lighting conditions for all IDS camera models with the e2vs 2 megapixel sensor. This feature is ideal for use in microscopy for light-dependent samples as well as in the field of astronomy.


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