5 Megapixel USB and GigE cameras with newly developed camera electronics and 12 bit color depth

New camera electronics for IDS industrial cameras with Sony's 5 MP CCD sensor

To meet the increasing demands in terms of resolution and detail, IDS now offers its 5 Megapixel USB and GigE cameras with the Sony ICX655 CCD sensor combined with newly developed camera electronics.

The sensor achieves the full color depth of 12 bits per pixel and thus a 16 times more accurate mapping of the pixel values compared to the usual 8 bits. The camera is ideal for capturing moving subjects due to the global shutter mode and hence simultaneous exposure.

The camera models are particularly suited for applications in microscopy, traffic monitoring and quality control, eg. in automated quality inspection of photovoltaic cells - whether print inspection, optical inspection or pattern recognition. Pixel by pixel areas are inspected regarding color, surface, edges and geometries. The automated, detailed inspection helps to classify defects and therefore to effectively optimize production processes. This significantly reduces production costs and increases the efficiency of photovoltaic modules.

But there is even more to the new camera electronics. The sensor delivers the same frame rate in triggered as in free-run mode: Up to 7 frames per second for cameras with USB and up to 10 for cameras with GigE interface.

IDS will gradually enhance all current CCD models with this newly developed camera electronics and hence expand its product portfolio. The models will offer up to 100% higher frame rates compared to standard CCD models.

Additionally, operation in triggered mode achieves the same frame rates as in free-run mode as a standard feature. Horizontal and vertical binning allows even higher frame rates. Brightness corrections are easily realized using a convenient look-up table and Gamma. Data preprocessing in the camera saves CPU resources.

Exposure time may be set in 1 µs steps allowing more precise exposure times and hence better adaptation to lighting conditions.

Benefits include IDS’ unique modular system for housing, interfaces and sensors that allows customers to get the camera that perfectly suits their needs. Additional benefits are IDS’ own comprehensive software package for Windows and Linux (32 and 64 Bit versions), which also includes a software development kit, demo programs and source codes in C++, C# and VB. A variety of interfaces are also available, including ActiveX, DirectShow/WDM as well as various machine vision programs. To make life easier, the SDK is identical for all uEye® camera series, so no more reprogramming when changing camera models!

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