VISION 2014: What you can see at the IDS booth

VISION 2014: What you can see at the IDS booth
We will be presenting our very latest camera highlights as well as special features and applications at VISION 2014.

ERVIN, our FANUC robot, will be demonstrating to you how it masters classical bin picking quickly and effortlessly using the Ensenso N20 stereo 3D camera together with HALCON machine vision software. In doing so, it picks up, measures, and sorts packages of different sizes.

Using our line scan mode and the USB 3.0 UI-3360CP-C camera, we will be showing you how to convert an area scan camera into a line scan camera quickly and easily. The advantage of this is that you no longer need to set the camera's focus specifically on an object, but you control it individually and flexibly using the software. The camera is ideal for use in endless inspection as well as newspaper or magazine printing.
The new 18 MP sensor from ON Semiconductor in our USB 3.0 UI-3590CP-C camera is perfectly suited for use in microscopy because of its high resolution. The ultra high definition or 4K cinema resolution of the sensor ensures optimal visualization. You can see this for yourself on our 4K monitor – only at VISION 2014.
You will have the opportunity to compare CCD and CMOS sensors live at our "tunnel demo". Three cameras (UI-3060CP-C, UI-3060CP-M, and UI-2240SE-M) will literally present the difference between day and night, while moving or stopped with a long exposure. The UI-3060CP models contain the revolutionary 2.3 MP CMOS sensor from Sony.
Our new USB 3 uEye XC with the 13 MP camera module with autofocus from Sony will demonstrate how to detect faces in the image automatically from a hardware perspective. You will be impressed by the image quality of this camera, which is packed with automatic features.

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