An application that makes waves

Wave dynamics and their effects on coastal morphology and climate change

Forschungsprojekt zur Wellendynamik und ihren Auswirkungen auf Küstenmorphologie und Klimawandel
Waves play a central role in coastal formation. The creation of waves and their movements are therefore central factors in coastal morphology. The LEGI (Laboratoire des Ecoulements Géophysiques et Industriels à Grenoble) is dedicated to this topic: scientists from the institute study wave dynamics, especially in flat environments, in order to gain detailed knowledge about the energy exchange between waves.
The aim is to develop a wave meteorology whose effects are not only of immediate importance for shipping, but in the longer term should even serve to simulate the effects of climate change.
LEGI uses a specially constructed 36 m long and 50 cm wide wave channel to observe these specific wave conditions. This dimension requires cameras with a particularly large field of view in order to record the wave profile over a maximum length.
LEGI commissioned the French company R&D Vision to integrate an appropriate camera system. The solution: a multi-camera application with eight synchronised IDS USB 3.0 UI-3060CP Rev. 2 IDS USB 3.0 UI-3060CP Rev. 2 cameras.

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