Meet IDS at Automatica: booth 203, hall B5

IDS presents Ensenso 3D cameras and novel vision app-based industrial cameras

Meet IDS at Automatica: booth 203, hall B5

At automatica, IDS demonstrates the potential of the vision app-based industrial cameras of the IDS NXT product family and presents its newest member, IDS NXT vegas with 1.3 MP CMOS colour sensor. The camera manufacturer also introduces prototypes of the next two models, IDS NXT rio and IDS NXT rome. Another focus is on the Ensenso 3D camera system for robotic vision applications, which has been extended by an Ensenso X 5 MP version with IMX264 Sony sensors.

The functionality of classic industrial cameras is usually predefined by the manufacturer and can hardly be extended. IDS NXT breaks with this principle and instead combines the advantages of app-based devices as multifunctional assistants, as we are already familiar with from our smartphones, with the requirements of modern industrial cameras. The result is a new generation of devices that can be flexibly configured and used for a wide variety of Tasks. At automatica, IDS introduces the IDS NXT vegas model with colour sensor, stronger LEDs and integrated high-power mode, presents concept studies of the upcoming cameras and explains how industrial 4.0 applications benefit from the vision app-based concept of the IDS NXT product family via live demonstrations.

IDS is also presenting the Ensenso 3D camera system at the trade fair. The X series is now available not only with 1.3 MP sensors, but also as a 5 MP version. This means both a larger field of view as well as more image details and reduced image noise. The distance between camera and test object can be reduced from 1.5 m to 1.25 m to completely capture a packed Euro pallet with a volume of 120 x 80 x 100 cm. In combination with the lower pixel noise of the IMX264 Sony sensors, the calculated depth information (Z accuracy) is improved from 0.43 mm to 0.2 mm.

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