Bayer Digital4Eyes competition

Victory for IDS-supported team

Bayer Digital4Eyes competition

A total of 6 finalist teams from 4 countries aimed to solve the Digital4Eyes Challenge, which this year focused on image recognition. In three months, the participants developed real functioning innovation, pioneering technology and automation for life science production.

In its statement, the jury underlines the quality of the competition entries: “The jury was impressed by international and highly passionate teams. We saw cutting edge technologies packed into mobile solutions close to application. In particular computer vision algorithms powered by AI excelled in versatility and accuracy.”

The winning team of the Bayer Digital4Eyes competition, developed and trained their presented solution with our USB 3.1 Gen 1 camera. We are very happy about the promising collaboration with JigLabs, Finnland, that creates dedicated Artificial Intelligence models. Especially impressive: JigLabs was the only team to take part in the challenge on a part-time basis.

The innovators presented their technology at the Cube Tech Fair 2018 in Berlin. The event brings global visibility to the most important industries in start-up innovation by promoting projects between leading industry players and start-ups. In the case of JigLabs that means not only a prize money of 40.000,-€ but above all the promising prospective that Bayer starts exploring ways to implement the winning solutions in its facilities within a reasonable time.

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