A simple driver update turns an area scan camera into a line scan camera!

IDS industrial cameras with CMOS Global Shutter sensor

In addition to a multiple AOI mode with up to four so-called "areas of interest," the area scan cameras can now also be operated in line scan mode. This makes line-by-line image capture with a full horizontal resolution of 1,280 pixels at up to 64 kHz possible. The new functions are also immediately available to cameras of this type with a USB or GigE connection already being used in the field after loading updated driver version 3.80. Global shutter CMOS cameras from IDS are equipped with a 1.3 Megapixel sensor from E2V.

This sensor combines the advantages of CCD technology, e.g., high light sensitivity and color fidelity, with a fast frame rate of up to 60 frames per second and the functional benefits of a CMOS sensor. Available in monochrome and color versions, the sensor’s global shutter makes it suitable for use with moving objects as well. IDS also offers all available uEye camera series with the E2V sensor, from the board-level version with a USB interface to the high-performance GigE industrial camera.

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