Download: Driver 4.60 for Windows, Linux, Linux Embedded

Download now: Driver 4.60 für Windows, Linux, Linux Embedded
The latest driver, version 4.60 of IDS Software Suite, is ready for free download by users of IDS industrial cameras.
The latest version supports the brand-new USB 3 uEye XC camera with many unique, automatic features, and the new, fully redesigned generation of USB 3 uEye CP cameras, starting with the cutting-edge 2.3 MP CMOS sensor IMX174 by Sony. This particular sensor provides very high dynamic range, extremely high full well depth, and excellent image quality with extraordinarily low-noise performance.
In addition, the latest driver 4.60 (Windows, Linux, Linux Embedded) optimizes the ease-of-use of IDS industrial cameras for OEMs and system integrators, and provides very useful features to stabilize the performance of IDS industrial cameras in high performance imaging applications. The picture quality is significantly improved (e.g. by reducing fixed pattern noise) resulting in outstanding imaging performance cross the entire product line.
Click here to download driver version 4.60. Please note that you will need to register and/or sign in to access the download.

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