Ensenso XR: 3D camera with integrated data processing

Ideal for multi-camera systems and other computing-intensive applications

Ensenso XR series with onboard processing
Ensenso XR are IDS' first 3D cameras with data processing via FPGA. They are as modular as the X series and deliver 3D data directly from the camera. The new family initially includes XR30 and XR36 models, which feature IP65/67 protection and 1.6 MP Sony sensors.
Since the camera calculates the 3D data itself, a high-performance industrial PC is no longer required. The transfer of result data instead of raw data also reduces the load on the network considerably. Especially multi-camera systems and other computing-intensive applications benefit from these features. Thanks to the WiFi interface, wireless data transmission is optionally available - this is particularly useful for setup and maintenance procedures, or when cabling is difficult or cost-intensive.
With the new models, objects with working distances of up to 5 meters can be detected. Using FlexView2 technology with the XR36, accurate and fast acquisition of image details goes hand in hand. The data rate of the XR series can compete with a powerful Core i7 CPU. The introduction of variants with 5 MP sensors is planned for Q4/2019.

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