IDS Software Suite or vision standard? It’s your choice!

Unique in the machine vision market

GigE uEye CP and GigE uEye FA with IDS Software Suite or Vision Standard
IDS is the only camera manufacturer who offers the free choice between the GigE Vision standard and a proprietary solution – our established IDS Software Suite.
Users who want 100% support of the GigE interface standard are choosing the new available “GV” models. Users who want to take full advantage of useful additional functions are selecting the “UI” IDS models.
The first camera models of the uEye CP and uEye FA series supporting the GigE Vision standard are now available. We start with global shutter CMOS sensors of the Sony Pregius series: IMX249 (2.35 MP), IMX265 (3.2 MP), and IMX264 (5 MP). Further models with sensors from Sony, e2v, and ON Semiconductor will follow step-by-step.
GigE Vision is a global interface standard which is based on the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol. Our GigE Vision cameras are compatible with any image processing software that supports the GigE Vision standard. They can be put into operation immediately without special drivers.
In our Whitepaper "Interchangeability or Compatibility?" you can read more about using the vision standards, their advantages, and restrictions.

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