New firmware for GigE Vision cameras available

GigE Vision firmware brings on-camera pre-processing

GigE Vision Firmware 1.6 available
Best possible compatibility: The GigE Vision standard ensures that cameras work perfectly together even if they come from different manufacturers. Regular updates ensure that our GigE cameras are always up to date. The GigE Vision firmware 1.6 is available for free download on our website.
The update enables on-camera debayering. Required colour formats are calculated directly on the camera. This saves time in application development on the one hand and ("industrial") PCs processing power on the other, which is therefore available otherwise. Furthermore, the integrated colour correction now improves the colour reproduction before the image data is transferred.
As a result, every application or processing software, such as HALCON, for example, has exactly the same image quality available.
Newly ordered cameras are shipped directly with the latest firmware version. If you already use GigE vision cameras from IDS, you can install the latest version on your devices quickly and free of charge using our update tool.

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