GigE Vision Firmware 1.7 introduces new features such as linescan modes for e2v and Sony sensors

"User Sets" allow convenient adjustment and storage of camera parameters

GigE Vision Firmware 1.7 introduces new features such as linescan modes for e2v- and Sony sensors
Firmware version 1.7 adds new operating modes to our GigE Vision cameras and also allows different camera parameters to be saved and loaded at lightning speed. The release is available for download and supports models with Sony Global Shutter and e2v sensors. Starting with version 1.8, "User Sets" which are predefined by IDS and which can be configured by the user, will also be available for GigE Vision cameras with Sony Rolling Shutter sensors.
The newly integrated "User Set Control" ensures that users always have access to optimally configured settings. When switching to a different operating mode, parameters do not have to be re-entered step-by-step, but are available at the touch of a button. In addition to a "Default" and two "Custom" settings, this also includes the functions "Linescan" and "LinescanHighSpeed" (only for monochrome e2v sensors) as well as "LongExposure". The modes can be individually adjusted and saved directly on the camera.
The line scan modes are more cost-effective and user-friendly than classic line scan cameras. Instead of adjusting the camera mechanically, the line can be easily set up and adjusted via the camera settings. This is particularly useful when several "line scan cameras" operate side by side, which otherwise would mean that the correction of the offset between them would require great effort.
The LinescanHighSpeed mode is available for the camera models GV-5240-M and GV-5250-M with monochrome e2v sensors; Linescan and LongExposure mode as well as the "User Set Control" are also available with version 1.7 for the GV-5040, GV-5260, GV-5270, GV-5280, GV-5240-C and GV-5250-C.

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