New release: GigE Vision camera firmware 1.5

Update and benefit from new camera features

GigE Vision camera firmware 1.5
Users of GigE Vision camera models and the IDS Vision Suite will benefit from an extended range of functions. New cameras are sold directly with the updated firmware. If you already use GigE Vision industrial cameras from IDS, you can easily update them and use helpful functions such as extended trigger modes, programmable counters and timers as well as pulse width modulation.
With the current GigE Vision firmware release, version 1.5, we have intended to make functions as useful and simple as possible. The new Trigger Controlled Exposure Mode was therefore integrated according to the Vision standard, but at the same time extended to ensure reliable camera operation even at the limits. For example, users can enter a maximum value to define a time out after which exposure is automatically canceled even without a separate signal.
Programmable counter support has also been added. Among other things, they can control that an exactly defined number of images is captured after the trigger input. The new timer function can both stop and count down time. One of its use cases: After trigger input, users want a specified period of time to elapse before recording begins.
As an IDS-specific feature, a pulse width modulation has also been integrated into the firmware. This feature can control the brightness of certain light sources, for example. The function can also be used to precisely synchronize light source and exposure time - which avoids unnecessary lighting phases. It also contains further innovations in the area of trigger modes. More detailed information is available in the article "Triggering in the Lego principle". The firmware release can be used with all IDS cameras that support the GigE Vision standard.

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