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NXT-level image processing with Smart GenICam and AI

NXT-level image processing with Smart GenICam and AI
The IDS NXT rio & rome models can replace other GigE Vision cameras without the need for special programming. With Smart GenICam and AI-supported image processing, they provide added value that standard cameras cannot provide.*
Smart GenICam means that the models can not only be accessed via image processing software such as HALCON or LabView like any other GenICam-compliant industrial camera, but even camera functions programmed by the user can be accessed and executed directly.
For models with artificial intelligence, inference times of just a few milliseconds are possible thanks to FPGA-based acceleration of neuronal networks. The reprogrammability of this integrated AI accelerator offers additional advantages in terms of sustainability, low recurring costs and time-to-market.
Newly updated - all information at a glance! You can find detailed descriptions of the features on our website at www.ids-nxt.com
*Regular series. The design-in samples have a limited range of functions.

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