IDS Software Suite 4.70

IDS Software Suite 4.70
As of now, the latest IDS Software Suite version 4.70 (Windows WHQL) is available for free download. Version 4.70 for Linux and Linux Embedded will be available shortly. Highlight: the implementation of the new sensors in the second generation of our USB 3 uEye CP camera series.
Version 4.70 supports our new camera models UI-3590CP (ON Semiconductor, 18 MP, 21 fps), UI-3140CP (ON Semiconductor, 1.3 MP, 169 fps), UI-3260CP (Sony, 2.3 MP, 41 fps) and UI-3360CP Rev. 2. It also provides useful features like “Overheat Protection” and “Peak White”.
The so-called "Overheat Protection" ensures that IDS cameras of the generation USB 3 uEye CP Rev. 2 are able to monitor themselves. If conditions appear that might affect the correct operation of the camera e.g. high temperatures, the user will be notified. If no action is taken then, the camera can put itself in a safe operating mode to prevent overheating, for example.
The support of our new USB 3 uEye CP Rev. 2 cameras including image memory is particularly interesting for multi-camera applications as well as for applications where the camera delivers more data than the USB bus can transport.
For applications with extremely high-contrast images, e.g. traffic monitoring, you can adjust the percentage of white pixels manually by the feature "Peak White”. In addition, driver 4.70 (Windows, Linux, Linux Embedded) optimizes the usability, performance and image quality of IDS industrial cameras.
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