IDS Software Suite version 4.82 available for download

Supports new models, functions, and USB Power Delivery

IDS Software Suite version 4.82
The latest IDS Software Suite 4.82 is now available on the camera manufacturer's website and can be downloaded free of charge. The driver package for all USB and GigE industrial cameras from IDS is available with a range of additional features and also supports USB Power Delivery (PD) for the new uEye LE USB 3.1 Gen 1 industrial cameras with the USB Type-C connector.
Important new features for all IDS cameras include adaptive hot pixel correction (that allows hot pixels resulting from an increased camera temperature to be corrected during live operation) and sequencer mode (useful for applications in which series of images with different parameters are to be captured in an extremely short preset time period).
Another new feature is HDR mode with knee points for various USB camera models. In knee point mode, the exposure time is divided into sections. After each section, excessively light pixel values are reduced to a limit value and briefly post exposed. This prevents overexposure and increases the dynamics.
The latest IDS Software Suite release is available for the Windows operating systems 7, 8, and 10. The Software Development Kit (SDK) is also available in 16 different languages.

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