Install now: IDS Vision Suite 1.1

Advanced features and easier programming

IDS Vision Suite 1.1
The new IDS Vision Suite 1.1 offers useful new features for IDS GigE Vision cameras such as data transfer in packed format and storage in various image formats. In addition, developers are supported with a detailed GeniCam code sample. The IDS Vision Suite will be available for Windows, Linux and Linux Embedded.

With unpacked pixel formats, the available bandwidth of a device is often not fully utilized. From now on, users can no longer only select the classic bit depths 8, 10 or 12 for transmission, but also packed formats. These ensure optimum use of bandwidth so that more pixels are transmitted at the same data rate.
The IDS Vision Cockpit now also provides a wide variety of possible data storage formats. Depending on the specific requirements, recordings can be saved lossless or space-efficient but with lossy compression (e.g. as .jpg). The IDS Vision Suite also helps users with efficient bandwidth management, which is particularly important in multi-camera operation - read more about this issue in our TechTip "Bandwidth under control with IDS GigE Vision cameras".
With the programming example, developers can quickly and easily find out how to address cameras in C++ best. It illustrates typical application scenarios and makes both the correct sequence as well as the correct use of commands clear – this simplifies individual programming work.

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