The fastest PYTHONs on the industrial camera market

Incredibly faster: UI-3130CP, UI-3140CP, UI-3160CP, UI-3180CP

USB 3 uEye CP Rev.2 industrial camera with PYTHON sensor from ON Semiconductor
The USB 3 uEye CP will be available with CMOS sensors of the PYTHON series from ON Semiconductor. The USB 3.0 cameras provide the highest frame rates in the machine vision market, reaching more than 1,000 fps with AOI feature.
The new sensors PYTHON 500 (0.5 MP: 575 fps), PYTHON 1300 (1.3 MP: 224 fps), PYTHON 2000 (2.3 MP: 165 fps), and PYTHON 5000 (5.3 MP: 72 fps) convince of their unique ability to partially read out both horizontally and vertically. As a result, they reach high frame rates that make our USB 3 uEye CP suitable especially for use in slow motion or high speed applications.

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