Record order intake in March!

IDS aims 20% growth again in 2015

Torsten Wiesinger, Managing Director
Torsten Wiesinger, Managing Director

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH, the industrial camera manufacturer from Obersulm, achieved a record of incoming orders of around 6.5 million Euro in March and aims 20 % growth rate for the current year.

With a 2014 jump in sales in excess of 20 % on the year before, IDS has far exceeded the growth predicted by the VDMA for the industrial machine vision sector. For 2015, the VDMA expects renewed growth in the single-digit range.

„Increasingly high-performance cameras that are very easy to operate“, mentions Torsten Wiesinger, CEO of IDS, as a key factor of growth. They open up new fields of application in machine vision – for industrial as well as for non-industrial use. „The trend away from CCD sensors towards CMOS sensors also offers new prospects. CMOS sensors are less expensive and equipped with a wide range of useful features, that enables an attractive price-performance of industrial cameras. We focus only on CMOS-technology for already three years. Our in-house developed driver software offers the optimal exploitation of these sensor features to the user. We see this as an important reason for the above-average demand for our cameras!“

For further growth, IDS is well prepared. A new building with a total of 1,700 m2 additional office and production space will be completed on the company's premises. Currently, IDS employs approximately 200 staff and has own subsidiaries in USA and Japan as well as offices in France and in the United Kingdom. The product range covers digital industrial cameras with USB or GigE interfaces.

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