Swabian machine vision camera manufacturer aims for record sales

IDS continues to grow

In the first six months of 2011, sales climbed to nearly 13 million Euros and are hence 36% above the figures for the comparable period in 2010. This has been the best result in the company’s successful 14-year history. Around 30,000 cameras were sold in the first six months, 10,000 more than in the first half of the previous year. While sale numbers of USB cameras increased by about 42% the number of sold cameras with GigE interface has almost doubled.

IDS is now also represented with offices in Japan, USA and France. "We are particularly pleased that our offices in France and Japan have started really successfully" outlines Torsten Wiesinger, managing director of marketing and sales. In addition to general growth, the company has also started to expand the area of operations in security systems. Apart from iGuard -a software solution for security systems– IDS now offers its own security camera. More than 50,000 iGuard based systems that have been sold already prove its success. The combination of IDS’ own camera (VSE) and iGuard offer all-in-one solutions “made in Germany”.

However, as company owner and founder Jürgen Hartmann points out: "One of the challenges for future growth is the acquisition of qualified staff. We recently increased our cooperation with various universities and aim to offer more chances for qualified students to join the company at an early stage." This formula seems to pay off, as IDS will welcome its 100th employee coming October and has thus expanded its workforce by almost 25% within one year.

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