S-Mount lenses for 18 MP single-board camera

The perfect combination: UI-3591LE and Lensation

IDS USB 3 uEye LE single-board camera with S-Mount lens from Lensation
The new S-mount lenses from Lensation are the perfect complement to our 18 MP single-board camera UI-3591LE, for use in high-resolution visualization applications.
The lenses of the B10M series are currently the only lenses in the market providing the 10 MP resolution class. They offer great value for money, starting at 98 euros. The lenses are available in the following focal lengths: 3.2 / 5 / 5.4 and 7.2 mm. The available sensor formats are 1/2" (for focal lengths 3.2 and 5 mm) and 1/2.3" (for focal lengths 5.4 und 7.2 mm).

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