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Service robot Lisa of team homer
Leading actress of the 6 minutes broadcast on ARD was of course LISA. LISA is an autonomous service robot of team homer, a team of students at the Institute for Computational Visualistics at the German University of Koblenz-Landau.
IDS supports the team since 2014: LISA’s eye is our GigE uEye CP (UI-5580CP). We are proud of Viktor Seib and his team, who develop the blue beauty. And this with great enthusiasm and success - LISA participates at the RoboCup and RoCKIn competition in the @Home league and won the RoboCup@Home world cup 2015 in Hefei, China.
Thanks to our uEye camera LISA is able to detect and recognize faces and to follow people. She can navigate safely and autonomously even in dynamic environments. She can memorize, detect and recognize objects.
To interact with her one can use speech or gestures. Using her robot arm Lisa can grasp objects from tables and shelves, carry them and pass them on to people. So far, Lisa loves frying eggs and does not complain if she should take out the trash - although Lisa’s animated face can take seven different expressions to convey a specific mood.
We are very happy to be part of this project, which’s ultimate aim is to provide some day a service robot with extended skills that can act as a household help, e.g. for disabled or elder people that is affordable. Good prospects!

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