Update: Sony stops production of CCD sensors 2017

Carefree into the future with IDS
By announcing to discontinue the production of CCD sensors in March 2017, global market leader Sony causes a stir. Though, the decision to only provide CMOS sensors in the future is not surprising. The early information by Sony gives users of CCD cameras enough lead time to ensure the supply for long-term projects or to switch to CMOS technology. IDS supports you with various simple solutions.
Current situation:
Sony stops the production of CCD sensors by 31st March 2017. A delivery for indicated demands is guaranteed by Sony like in the following:
  • until March 2020: sensors ICX415, ICX692
  • until March 2026: sensors ICX204, ICX205, ICX267, ICX274, ICX414, ICX424, ICX445, ICX655
Carefree with IDS
Be on the safe side with IDS.
Important additional information:
All IDS customers with ongoing CCD projects will be contacted automatically soon by our sales team.
Solution #1 "I like to switch to CMOS technology."
CMOS has surpassed CCD in many respects, including image quality, sensitivity and frame rates. In addition, CMOS sensors offer a wide range of special features such as multiple AOI, sequencer or HDR mode that expand your applications significantly.
Which CMOS sensor fits best to your needs?
With more than 10 years expertise  in developing CMOS cameras, three years ago we decided to stop engineering new CCD models.. Since then we only focus on CMOS.
Today we can already offer you an extensive camera portfolio with high-performance CMOS sensors by Sony, ON Semiconductor, CMOSIS and e2v. More models with sensors by ON Semiconductor are in preparation. Moreover we will integrate the full roadmap of Sony Pregius CMOS sensors in our products.
The trend-setting Sony IMX 174 CMOS sensor is already available in our USB 3.0 camera series. Comparative tests according to the EMVA 1288 standard attest our cameras best specifications in the market.
One software for all IDS cameras!
Do you fear a cost explosion due to additional programming effort when changing to another driver? Not with IDS! The IDS Software Suite allows mixed operation and switching between all uEye cameras with GigE and USB interface, no matter whether CMOS or CCD. This is unique to the market: developed since 1997, downward compatible and with remote update cabability. It’s so easy, even for IDS’ new customers.
Please let us know your application and tell us about the used CCD sensor. Our sales team will support you in choosing the right CMOS camera model.
Solution #2 "I like to keep using IDS cameras with Sony CCD sensors."
At IDS, only cameras from uEye SE and RE camera series are affected by the discontinuation of CCD sensors. Through our close cooperation with Sony, we help you to cover your needs.
Please determine the the life-cycle of your current application and let us know your demand on cameras. Our sales team is glad to support you.

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