Sony‘s new 5 MP sensors in our CP series

New models with Sony IMX250 and Sony IMX264

Sony‘s new 5 MP sensors in our CP series
Two new industrial cameras with global shutter CMOS sensor are available as design-ins, beginning in June: UI-3080CP and UI-3280CP. Both are perfectly suitable for use in low-light applications and in microscopy.
While the UI-3080CP with 5 MP Sony IMX250 sensor (2456 x 2054 px) provides frame rates of up to 77 fps, the UI-3280CP with IMX264 sensor comes with frames rate of up to 36 fps. You can definitely rely on one thing: the USB 3.0 industrial cameras with Sony’s optimized second-generation CMOS sensors provide excellent image quality and extremely low-noise images. Models for design-ins will be available in June.
Preview: The Sony IMX264 is expected to be available in September 2016 in our new GigE uEye CP camera generation. We'll keep you up to date!

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