Triggering according to the Lego principle

Benefit from many new trigger options

Triggering according to the Lego principle
We are all familiar with them. The colourful plastic bricks with the patented stud system, which allows you to combine the bricks in any way you wish and let your imagination run free. The Lego principle is as ingenious as it is simple and has turned out to be a recipe for success. The world of machine vision has made good use of this principle.
With GenICam as the generic programming interface in the field of machine vision, it was possible to define an implementation rule that completely abstracts and separates each property of a machine vision camera.
The numerous features of a vision camera firmware offer a colourful building block system for innumerable individual machine vision applications.
With the release of IDS GigE Vision firmware 1.5, IDS has greatly enhanced the IDS vision cameras by adding many standard features from the GenICam Standard Feature Naming Convention. With the IDS Vision Cockpit, IDS also provides you with an ideal demo tool, which you can use to reconstruct and thoroughly test each of the trigger cases described here.

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