Sony sensor IMX273 now available as uEye SE models

New camera models with IMX273

Sony sensor IMX273 now available as uEye SE models
With the IMX273, Sony has created a sensor which provides outstanding image quality and allows very high frame rates, combined with low noise levels. These characteristics turn the 1.6 MP CMOS sensor into a true all-rounder. Following the uEye CP and uEye FA camera models, it has now also been integrated in cameras of our uEye SE series, and are thus available for the first time as board-level cameras with different lens holders.
The IMX273 is now available in our camera models UI-3040SE, UI-5040SE Rev. 4 and GV-5040SE. Integration into the uEye LE family is planned for early next year, so users will be able to choose their preferred version of the 1.6 MP sensor from all our uEye camera families.
With this global shutter sensor from the Sony Pregius series, users benefit from excellent image quality, which is particularly evident with low light situations or fast moving objects.
This allows for an exceptionally wide range of applications. From microscope images to classic machine vision tasks in industrial production to traffic monitoring, it can be used in a wide variety of areas.

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