The brand new uEye SE with Sony 12.3 MP

What a camera!

The brand new uEye SE with Sony 12.3 MP
Available now! Our UI-3000SE with its huge 1.1“ CMOS sensor IMX253 from Sony leaves nothing to be desired: High sensitivity for microscopy, low dark noise for life sciences and high speed for capturing fast moving objects in industrial applications.
The camera reliably provides 36 pin sharp, clear and noiseless frames per second at full resolution (4104 x 3006 pixels). IDS typical special features such as the sequencer mode for parameter changes in real time, the line scan mode to use the camera as a cost-effective alternative to a line scan camera or the long time exposure up to 30 seconds extend the application range of this top model.
The UI-3000SE is available as housed or board stack camera (with or without C-mount). OEM variants are possible. In addition to the ingenious USB Type-C connector, the camera has an 8-pin Hirose connector for trigger and flash (opto-decoupled) as well as GPIOs with 3.3 V each, which enable various application functions in industrial use. All SE models also offer USB Power Delivery – a variable power supply at the I/O port that can be used to operate a LED illumination or a light barrier.
The uEye SE is available also as UI-3200SE with USB Type-C and as UI-5200SE with GigE connection as well as with the cost-optimised, frame rate reduced Sony sensor IMX304. Variants with Sony’s 8.9 MP IMX255 and IMX267 will be available shortly.

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