uEye XS mini industrial camera back in the spotlight

Successor model of the popular uEye XS camera available from April

uEye XS mini industrial camera back in the spotlight
A discontinued sensor board in 2018 spelled the temporary end for our versatile uEye XS camera. For IDS, however, this was no reason to give up on this little all-rounder. April will feature the launch of the UI-1007XS model, which is extremely similar to its predecessor in terms of performance, appearance and functions.

Only weighing 12 grams and with dimensions of 26.5 x 23 x 21.5 mm (height x width x depth), the USB 2.0 camera is one of the smallest in the vision market. In addition to its compact size and robust magnesium housing, it features many practical automatic functions. A special highlight is the high speed autofocus, which ensures constantly sharp images starting from distances of only 10 cm.
In JPEG mode, the model delivers impressive 15 frames per second; with reduced resolution, 30 fps are also possible. In addition, eight freely selectable and easily switchable image formats from VGA to 5 MP are available. This makes the mini-camera extremely versatile. It can be used, for example, in medical or security technology, in transport and logistics or as a component for kiosk systems.

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